Just as a photon is both a particle and a wave, the dollar is both fulcrum of the foreign exchange market and a currency itself.  Both features were on display last week.  The dollar was firm against most of the world’s currencies, as the depth and breadth of the US debtRead More →

That this is the year to create wealth and abundance is no secret to you, Sagittarius. Trust that you will be rewarded for your patience and perseverance. Aries, the Universe is always talking to us in signs and symbols. Be as aware of the things that are not working out. They holdRead More →

There’s no question that content marketing is among the most viable methods for businesses to plan and execute their marketing strategies. It is the most cost-effective method for a company to reach out and engage its customers while building its brand presence. Even small businesses can make an impact onRead More →

2020 is looking to be a monumental year for Asia, as the continent’s total gross domestic product (GDP) is set to overtake the combined GDP of the rest of the world. Asia’s extraordinary market growth bodes well for MBA jobs and graduates in the region. But launching a career in Asia isRead More →

There’s a recipe for supercharging your career and it contains an unlikely ingredient that isn’t talked about very much: Humility. Humility is the voice in our head that breaks through our chutzpah and tells us we don’t know everything after all. It helps us seek out the right mentors andRead More →

New Delhi: In its effort to demystify the Budget for common man, the Finance Ministry will start a social media campaign from 22 January. Through the ”#ArthShastri” campaign, the ministry would explain several economic terms through interesting animated videos to help common man and students understand budget exercise in a simpleRead More →

In this edition of Marketing Week Explores, hosted by reporter Molly Fleming, Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons and acting features editor Charlotte Rogers reflect on the lack of diversity in marketing exposed by the 2020 Career and Salary Survey and discuss what change is needed to redress the balance. TheyRead More →